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My Dragooon is our very own charming Dragon with a special magical power of his own. My Dragooon sits approximately 11-12 inches high, and can wear up to 23 of your most precious memories and stories you can share with your loved one for years to come.


Please see below for full product description and our order process …

**important: your Ooo will arrive home two weeks after your booking date**


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Product Description

My Dragooon is our own very charming dragon who has a fearsome power all of their own. My Dragooon is approximately 11-12 inches high, and can wear up to 23 of your most precious memories and stories.

My Dragooon can be made from a variety of clothing so that you can be reminded of just how scrumptious your children smelt when you brought them home, and how exciting (and exhausting) their first adventures were; or if you miss a loved one and just want to feel them near. Either way they will always be there to become a very special member of your family, growing more and more treasured with time.

We can not wait to welcome you into the Ooo Bear family soon.

-Mrs Ooo xXx

Order Process

  1. Select your booking date above
  2. Place your order and pay your £10 deposit to secure your slot.
  3. Receive an email confirming your order.
  4. Download the file sent to you after booking which will give you the break down of exactly what items are needed for your beautiful Ooo and the time scales for sending your clothing and payment etc. (you can also see this information here).
  5. We need your clothing 5 weeks before your selected booking date. We will contact you a week prior to this with a reminder to send your parcel.
  6. Final payment will be due no later than 3 weeks before your booked date.
  7. We will start our Ooo magic on the date you have booked your order, and your new family member will be home with you, sharing their precious love within just 2 weeks.

Clothing needed

Our Dragooon will need a minimum of 8 sleepsuits aged 0-3 month or larger, you can send smaller sizes but please double up the minimum to make sure we have enough fabric. If possible we do need 2 of your sleepsuits to be aged 3-6 months to ensure your Dragooon has its full length tail. Large Motifs are very difficult to add to a Dragooon so please send a maximum of 2 with the majority of clothing being patterns (Stripes / flowers etc)


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