About Us

We are so proud of our team at My Ooo Bear, that we would love to introduce ourselves to you! So without further ado, here is a little bit about us and who we are.
You all share so many of your precious moments with us, here is a few of ours.

My Ooo Bear Tessa

Hello, I am Tessa, owner and creator of all things Ooo. Most importantly I am a mum of 3 and Lolly (Granny) to my beautiful Grandaughter… More often than not I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. So that’s me there hiding in the background behind one of my gorgeous boys, lol!

My Ooo Bear IVFMy husband, daughter and I started our very long ivf journey in 2003, being finally blessed with our eldest son in 2012. Naturally, after my precious bundle of love was born I decided that I did not want to return to work when my maternity leave finished so when a friend stumbled on the idea of a memory bear and asked if I could make one for her nephew I jumped at the chance. I have always had a passion for making things for friends and family, so, excited by the challenge I quickly set about sewing and cutting to create my first bear. After many mistakes, lots of unpicking, re-sewing, destuffing etc. I finally had a patterned that I believed in. The reaction to my little bear was amazing and so in 2013, inspired by my little boys pointing and oooooo-ing at everything, ‘My Ooo Bear ™’ was born.My Ooo Bear Tessa

Fast forward to 2018, many more ivf attempts, heartbreak and happiness later, we are now a family of five with our eldest daughter also recently adding our beautiful grandaughter to our family❤️ … and it goes without saying that without each and every family that supported and ordered their very own piece of Ooo Magic, our dreams of family would not have been possible❤️.

Bring on the next rollercoaster …

My Ooo Bear LouisaHi, I am Louisa, I am your go-to admin girl – the face behind Facebook / Instagram / email with answers to all your questions and queries.

I am Tessa’s older sister and came on board with my sister’s amazing business in 2014. We have not looked back since!

I have a BA (Hons) in clothing studies and textiles from Nottingham university. Before I took a life-changing trip to South Africa in 2003, I worked in the clothing industry for 8 years. In South Africa I got to live the dream and work with all the amazing animals you can think of. Until by chance I met my loving husband in 2008.  No, he was not South African, he is from Uruguay in South America.  So, being either brave or crazy I packed up everything and swapped South Africa for South America.

Fast forward 9 years and we have 2 beautiful children where we speak two languages in our house. So if you fancy practising your Spanish why not pop me your queries in Espanol.

Please just bear in mind, here in Uruguay, we are 3-4 hours behind you. So it might look like I am not replying to your message but it could well be 4 am here. Of course, I will reply as soon as I can and can not wait to hear from you.


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