I hope you all managed to have a lovely Christmas and New Year (all seems such a distant memory now right?) .. our Christmas went in a flash as we were also planning a big move overseas.
 But we are finally here … our furniture and car have arrived, we can see the sea from our house high up in the Cypriot mountains, the sun is shining and thankfully the boys school is still open so they too are settling in as well as can be expected – huzzah !!!

Let me introduce you to my beautiful daughter Abbie. She is a very skilled sewer and like both me and Louisa loves to create and craft things by hand.

Abbie has just recently had her second baby and is currently on maternity leave. She has been interested in joining our little Ooo team for some time now, so with me going away it seemed the perfect solution.

When we originally started planning our move abroad, everything had centred around me flying home every 6 weeks or so to check in and make all of the finishing touches before your Ooo’s went home, however this was when Coronavirus wasn’t even a word [big sigh].

Well we have had to pivot A LOT … Abbie is doing far more than we originally had planned and has been doing AMAZING !! We have twice weekly catch ups via zoom so that I can get a good look at your precious items of clothing and read your beautiful notes that tell us the stories of your loved ones adventures. I then instruct Abbie (because I am the boss, lol 😂 ) how and where to place each item, making sure that the best and most important sections are as lovingly included as if I was doing it myself.

Abbie is then ready to sew life into your Ooo’s (I miss this part the most – the time to just sew and not think about anything else). We then catch up again so that I can do some quality control, 😂.

All the while keeping in regular touch with Louisa so that she can update you all as and when we can, as she is the heart of Ooo HQ ❤️ and the person that holds our Ooo family and Ooo Cottage together.

With all of the above changes we have had to alter our delivery dates accordingly. Due to quarantine periods I am now unable to fly home as often as planned 😢- so my next visit isn’t until Easter.

Abbie is busy working away to make sure that when I am home everything is ready for me to add the finishing touches and the final bit of Mrs Ooo love before they will be heading home. If you have an order already with us .. Louisa is contacting everyone this week with an update. For future orders the change in circumstances will already be factored in when Louisa contacts you for your clothing.

Please please be patient with us, we are super frustrated at our end 😡  … it has been a very difficult time for everyone hasn’t it, and nothing its running as smoothly as it can – but we will all get there in the end.

Sneaky peeks of orders will be coming soon 😊

– I had Abbie when I was only 18, and it has been Abbie and I against the world for always. She is my true little shadow ❤️

– Abbie and James (her partner) made me a grandma at the ripe old age of 39

– (she will hate me for this one) you can often find Abbie’s ‘special’ item from her childhood in her jacket pocket – she has still not been able to part with it, much to her fiancé’s disgust, lol xXX