We could not be more excited to be finally launching our brand new Ooo Art. Creating a silhouette of my boys has been dream of mine for quite a while after catching sight of them on an instagram wall. As we all know, time is not our friend when we have a young family, but finally when I took a short break from My Ooo Bear last year I decided to fill some of my time with things that made me happy – creating.

My family always laugh at me because I struggle to stay still on one idea for very long, I am constantly bombarding them with new crazy things I would like to try, but thankfully I am very lucky because every single one of my small little family backs me 100% in everything I ‘attempt’ to do … and trust me there have been MANY fails, lol

Fast forward 8 months and here we are … I am about to share with the world my new crazy passion. I have never used this type of computer software in my life (in fact I had recently been told it was really complicated and I probably would find it too hard – hmmmm!!!) but I seemed to pick it up quite quickly (with the help of a few hundred hours on YouTube, lol) and absolutely fell in love with it.

Louisa however, was not totally sold on the idea, she really did not like the Art, but said she trusted me and would go along with my new product launch. I had to work on her for a while but I finally managed to get Louisa to send me pictures of her two children so I could create some Ooo Art for her .. and honestly, the moment she and her husband saw the images I had created they fell in love with them and she completely changed her opinion – yay !!!!

Please remember that Louisa lives in South America and has done for approximately 10 years so I have never ever met my niece and nephew so was working blind. Louisa said instantly that I had managed to somehow capture their pure spirit, innocence and strength all within the most elegant of pictures.

I truly hope you all love them as much as I do and that we can help you capture a moment of time in the most beautiful way.

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